Surgery all done

I am typing, at the moment, one-handed.  My left arm is in a rigid cast bent at the elbow and in a sling.  What fantastic surgery!  I got a nerve block right in the shoulder – watching the ultrasound screen as they did it – and it almost immediately went to sleep.  I couldn’t feel a thing from the upper point of my shoulder down to the tips of my fingers.

I still haven’t seen the stitches because they are wrapped in bandages, but those come off Tuesday when I see the surgeon again.  The block was so thorough that I didn’t get any feeling back – anywhere on my arm – for 12 hours. I was kept in the hospital overnight to forestall any infections and then released Friday.  It felt strange to have those fingers hanging out there from the wrapping and not be able to feel my touching them with my good hand.  It felt like someone else’s hand.

I had to give up the waterbed temporarily because I couldn’t get up out of it. What was so amazing was that at no time was there any real pain.  I got painkillers, but stopped taking them because they had codine in them.  Codine and I don’t get along.  It makes my stomach upset, I get the sweats, and mt BP goes up a bit.

This whole thing is going to cost me $3.75 though – for the food I ate.

Surgery tomorrow

It may be minor, but it’s still surgery.  Men with knives will be attacking my left elbow in an effort to bring relief to my tingling fingers.  Seems that I have managed to damage the nerve that wraps around the point of my elbow and it needs to be re-routed somewhere else.  It is straightforward surgery – but I will refrain from calling it ‘no-brainer’ for obvious reasons.

I have to stay overnight in the hospital, which isn’t a real hardship because it is for my own good to make sure there isn’t any post-op infection.  The hospital in question, by the way, the the base hospital at Wright Patterson AFB.  I live very close.  In fact, if there weren’t any trees I could see it.  When the wind is right, we can hear the music at Reveille and Retreat.

When I get back on Friday evening, I won’t be of much use here at the keyboard since I have to type with one hand.  I am very fast even with this handicap, but I think I just won’t feel like it so bear with me.



Today, I finally had a small growth right between my eyes removed.  It was done as a walk-in, lie back for fifteen minutes while my forehead was numbed, sliced open an inch, and the thingy removed, incision sewed, and then back out.  Now I have a vertical bandage that is slowly driving me crazy.

I know I am not alone with my dislike of having anything near (or touching) my eyebrows.  My wife, kids, and grandkids all tease me by threatening to rub them the wrong way.  Today, I had to grit my teeth and bear it while the doctor taped towels all around my face so he could isolate the surgery area.  Naturally, as soon as he told not to raise my hands to my face, I developed an itch on the side of my nose.  The impulse grew larger and larger until I had to physically restrain one hand from flying to my nose with the other one.  Finally, the assisting nurse noticed my face twisting to and fro and asked me if I had an itch.  She had to ask me twice because I’d taken my hearing aids out and didn’t hear her the first time.  She reached out with a gloved finger and rubbed the side of my nose.  She will be featured prominently in my will.

So now I am sitting here in my computer room, glasses at a strange angle because they can’t sit properly on my bandaged nose, and writing this post.  I have to stop every once in a while and hold an ice-filled bag to my face to help stem the slight swelling the Doctor said I might have.  Once the swelling goes down, I can look forward to little ‘raccoon eyes’ from the surgery.  My cat already thinks I look strange because she shied away at first and then, naturally, got curious and sniffed the bandage.  She even lay on my chest for a while just to make sure I was all right.

Chapter two of my novel, Wanderlust, has been released.  You can find it at the same URL as in my original post here, but click the number ‘2’ for the second chapter.  The overall title is named for Chapter 1, but that was because there was already a title named that same and Booksie will not allow two identical titles on their site.  Go figure.  I am also working on some chapter art that may make the story seem a bit more real.